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Constant Consulting looks to bring your ideas, passions, and dreams to life. Our services revolve around the goal of building your vision and bringing it to life. Bettering your life, and making the journey seemless for you. Click More Info for the services we provide


Peer to Peer level

we target the urban community and immigrants. For a low rate, we inform and give financial consultation to members of the urban community to close the wealth gap and encourage fruitful financial Habits

Peer to business level

We specialize in aiding small businesses with marketing, strategy, and growth to boost their clientele

Peer to big business

More to come


Peer to Peer

Credit Repair

We accept all individuals and begin with a free 20-minute consultation to establish a baseline of your financial standing and your goals.

Peer to Business

We accept all clients and build around their wants and needs. Clients range from Restaurant Hospitality, Entertainment, Event Planning, Communications, Goods, and Services,  etc/

Peer to big business

To serve larger clients we aim to develop software that is useful in the everyday workflow of corporate America for both employees and employers

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Be Forward Thinking 

Constant Consulting

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Constant Consulting was established in 2021.


Constant Consulting was founded by Kendrick Constant in 2021, Kendrick Constant saw a growing trend of marginalized groups who needed assistance navigating certain areas such as credit repair and business development. In response to this trend Constant Consulting was created. Created with the intention of making a commitment to be trustworthy, work with integrity, and create plans that ensure the longevity for each and everyone of our clients. Constant Consulting is a multifaceted company that focuses on advancing the world by being forward thinking. We provide financial coaching and credit repair tailored toward underrepresented individuals with cultural and language barriers. On a business to business level, Constant Consulting provides a hands on approach to advance the growth of clients served. We work with an infinite long term mindset, cross sell and share innovative ideas and work with clients to achieve current objectives while trekking toward long term goals.

Be forward thinking, with Constant Consulting



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"Constant consulting has changed my perspective about saving money and building my credit. Kendrick has helped me personalize a financial plan that works for me and I'm so excited to see how much more I benefit from it!

Shelcie Charlot

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